Celia [Queensland]

Hi! After a couple of car accidents, spiralling health issues (auto-immune) and stress, I was so blessed to find Lauren. I have now started my healing journey and I can honestly say that with Lauren’s help, I have already started to feel healthier, happier and I have a renewed hope for getting back to full health or even better. I am inspired by Lauren’s journey and I am excited to be uncovering a much better life for myself. Thank you Lauren

Kaylene [Western Australia]

When I first met Lauren, I was of the belief that the autoimmune condition I have called “Ankylosing Spondylitis” was going to be with me and affect me for the rest of my life. I felt my enjoyment of life was over and that I was to be on medications to try to control the constant pain, stiffness and suffering for the rest of my life.

Lauren is a very positive and knowledgeable person who knew exactly what I was going through, having had A.S. herself. To know that Lauren had been through what I was suffering at the time was the reason that convinced me to do the life-coaching program with her. She was not just another specialist, saying to “do this” or “take that medication”, that has little idea of how I actually felt inside me mentally or physically. Lauren was very positive from our first meeting that she could and would help me turn my life around.

Over the course of the program with Lauren giving me the knowledge and skills I need, I could feel the improvement in how I was feeling gradually improving week to week. Now that I have completed the 12 week program with Lauren, I know, feel and see the improvement in my daily life and I have a much better appreciation of who I am and the outlook for my future is a much happier one. It is also a comfort to know that Lauren is there for me by text, email or phone if ever I need to check in.

I cannot thank you enough Lauren, you have certainly helped me turn my life around and I now have a much happier and brighter future ahead of me.

Kathleen [America]

I can  highly recommend Lauren Parker. She is not only compassionate, intuitive and benevolent, she possesses a ton of knowledge and wisdom that will help you find your healing in whatever area needed. Thumbs up

Genessa [Western Australia]

Lauren’s 3-month coaching program was just what I needed to kick-off my wellness journey. Lauren provided me with an outline of the concepts that we would cover during the 3-month period up-front, however, the program is completely dynamic with Lauren adjusting the program on a weekly basis to make sure that you spend the right amount of time on your key areas for healing. Lauren provided timely feedback and encouraged me to reflect on my learnings from each session. Before seeing Lauren, I had spent many years seeing psychologists and whilst I have more healing to do, I feel that I achieved more in that time than I had over all those years. The concepts and tools felt more relatable, practical and long-lasting. I can see how I will continue to use them to support my wellness for the rest of my life. Lauren encouraged me to believe in myself and to be the master of my own destiny. Her openness about her personal experience and her energy are inspiring and motivating. I will be forever grateful to Bree Hogan (@starbritewarrior) who recommended Lauren/Shape Your reality to me and obviously to Lauren herself for helping me embark on my journey and for continuing to support me as part of her membership program.

Kim [Western Australia]

I was dealing with some difficult personal issues before I met Lauren and successfully completed a 3 month coaching program with her. I was initially hesitant to sign up for empowerment coaching as I had seen so many advertisements and I often felt they were superficial. However, at my first initial chat with Lauren as I was immediately at ease in her peaceful and genuine presence. And throughout my program I always felt that Lauren has given me advice and constructive feedback from her heart. I enjoyed how each coaching session was structured with a theme for example how to move through self-limiting beliefs, Neuro-linguistic programming to reframe the way I talk about myself and intentions, past life regression, understanding how natural crystals can help in the healing process and emotional intelligence including many more. After each session, I would answer a reflective sheet and email it back to Lauren. I found these sheets were important tools in capturing my progress and allowed me to go back when I needed to refresh my newly acquired knowledge. Lauren would always follow up and email me typed notes of certain statements and points we created in our sessions which has helped me on my journey.


My last session which was the most powerful was focused on goal setting. I've been buying fancy goal setting books for nine years but I never used them or never followed up on any of the goals which I had written down. Lauren taught me how to envision my goals across every aspect of my life from work to personal to relationships to health. After working on it through specific questions, I came up with goals that I had never thought of before and which actually  achievable.


I've learned how to listen to myself and realise that I know my truth and it has been within me all along. If I hadn't embarked on this adventure with Lauren to understand my place in an ever-changing world, then I'd never have realised the above.


I appreciate how Lauren taught me coping strategies in every facet of my life, be it personal or dealing with a strong personality at work. I learned how to be assertive and through these techniques I reclaimed my power and strength back. Lauren didn't just tell me what these strategies and techniques were - she worked through these problems with me and drew on the very strategies and techniques which she recommended such as grounding myself. Lauren was an intuitive and caring guide and I'll fondly remember our sessions which I left feeling more energised, hopeful and optimistic about shaping my own reality.


Thank you again Lauren for opening my eyes so I could finally see the world in a new light!

Gabi   [Western Australia]

During 2014 I started to become sick and I wasn't diagnosed till two years later. Due to this I started struggling mentally over time, I became very stressed, and lost a lot of my confidence. The best decision I made was to see Lauren and my only regret was that I didn't make an appointment to see her sooner. Lauren has helped me get through so many different difficult situations. She has taught me so many important things in life and provided me with many strategies to cope with issues I was dealing with in my life. The life lessons and strategies I have learnt have also prepared me for future situations that could arise. I highly recommend seeing Lauren if you want some help and a push in the right direction. Lauren is so easy to open up to and truly cares about helping you. Her passion for helping people is shown through the energy she brings to her sessions and how she will always check up on your through her emails. Thank you for everything you did for me Lauren, I will forever be grateful.

Mikael [South Australia]

After seeing Lauren blossom over the last 4 years I decided to sign up for a 3 month coaching program with her. I have learnt so much about myself over the program. Some of the things that stood out the most were how to set boundaries which includes letting people set there own boundaries, learning to be comfortable with who I am and what my values are in life as I have always felt like I haven’t fit in because of them.


Coaching can be very intense because you are learning and growing so quickly as you meet up every week for an hour via Skype or in person. I was able to contact Lauren through out the week to ask any questions or things that I needed help with that were affecting me. I highly recommend signing up for the 3 month program because it just helps you realise that life can be easy and everything that you want is at your finger tips, but most of all that it is ok to put yourself first.

Diana [England]

I have known Lauren for a few years now and she has become one of the most influential and important people in my life. I met Lauren via social Media when I was 20 years old, newly diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis and struggling to cope. I had been signed off work for 6 months, couldn’t afford my rent, couldn’t get out of my bed, couldn’t walk, the chemotherapy I was taking meant I slept all day and cried all night. Try as I might I couldn’t see a future for myself. It was the most testing time of my life and Lauren’s presence was honestly life saving.

Fast forward three years and I have been in remission for 5 months, and I owe so much of that to Lauren’s support, friendship and teachings.

Working with Lauren has helped me to identify and work through key issues from both my past and present that I had buried. She has helped me to pinpoint repeat behaviours that have been damaging to my remission and my overall health. When it comes to Lauren, you can trust in the fact that she is a good person, in my opinion one of the absolute best who will 100% always have your best interests at heart. Her love for life and people and her willing to understand how to help people is admirable, and what makes her so incredibly important.

If you are thinking of reaching out, do. It was the best thing I ever did.

Jack [Western Australia]

I have never met anyone as spectacular as Lauren. I found her at a time in my life where I was really certain I had no options left and felt like I was stuck with feelings of anxiety and depression no matter what I did to move forward. Lauren changed this for me, she showed me how much I can do with the power of my mind to become more aware and change my mentality completely. Lauren is an angel and I'm so glad I reached out to her.

If anyone is struggling please don't hold back, she is the most generous and understanding person I have ever met and I never thought I would find someone who got what I was going through until I let it all out.

Thank you so much Lauren from the bottom of my heart, you have changed my life forever. You have helped me Shape My Reality, truly.

Krissy [Western Australia]

I'm not too sure where to start with my testimonial but the difference in me is noticed by my husband and kids and that is a pretty good start!!! I'd noticed that I had become unemotional. My temper would be at zero and could rise to 10 in seconds. After discussing this in general conversation, Lauren mentioned having a session. I was very skeptical. Whilst sitting there we went through a few questions and before I knew it things from my past just popped out. We were able to talk about the emotion behind these events. Before I knew it these things didn't bother me anymore. She has taught me to recognize the emotion it if it arises again and react in a different way.Thank you so much Lauren I feel awesome xx

Hayley [Western Australia]

So one year ago pretty much to the day I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I got given some tablets and sent on my way. I was in so much pain I could hardly walk, people couldn’t hug me and the littlest touch like clothing would be agonising. I would think to myself why?! Why should I or any person have to deal with this? What did I do to deserve this?! Why did it pick me?!

Thats when 3 months ago I decided enough was enough and I needed to change! There was no way this was the way life should be for a 25 year old! People got sick of listening to what illness I was diagnosed with next and to be honest I got sick of it too. I spent so much money on medications, physio’s and doctors it was rediculous! That’s not what you should be spending money on it should be spent on living and enjoying life! That’s when I started my new journey.

The past 3 months I have learnt so much about myself! I now know who I am as a person and that I am deserving of every great thing life has to offer. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t easy I lost some friends along the way, but I also gain so many new friends and strengthened the relationships I had. As soon as my new world opened up, guess what?!?! My fibromyalgia and chronic pain as well as all my other autoimmune disorders disappeared. I am now in full remission and no longer take any medication! I feel like a new person floating on cloud nine! I am pain free, I have endless amount of energy and all my other bits and bobs have gone!

I could not have done it without my amazing coach Lauren Parker at Shape Your Reality. She has been so supportive on my journey and is an absolute hero! She has been there every step of the way and taught me so much. No amount of words or anything will ever show how thankful I am!!! I have been so so lucky to have been able to be her client!

Never in my 25 years have I been this happy!!!! Can’t wait to see what I will be like as a person in a years time ���

Monika [Western Australia]

Awesome! Lauren listens to your concerns in a caring manner and comes up with relevant and appropriate exercises to help you to tackle them. I would recommend Lauren to anyone who wants to get rid of their negative emotions and/or ways of thinking. It really works!

Petar [Western Australia]

Lauren has helped me get through a time in my life where I was dealing with feelings such as not being good enough, anger, sadness and fear, in a way where I can now understand and better manage my emotions.
In just one, two hour session, she has managed to help me discover a new found confidence in myself and who I am. The personal lesson I have learned in this short time I will hold onto for life.
I highly recommend seeing Lauren if you experience similar issues regarding your emotions, you won't regret it!

Anon Male [Sydney]

I came to Lauren as a last resort. My doctor thought my inflammation markers were high but not high enough to be put on the medicine that I had been on in the past. No diet or exercise helped. It actually made symptoms worse at times. She patiently listened to my story and helped me getting out of that situation to a time where my doctor had no idea how my inflammation markers were going down on their own without any medication. He just said just keep doing whatever you are doing and you don't need to come to me again.

Apart from medical reports, I became more at peace with myself which has helped me immensely in living a much more balanced life. I have a lot more focus in both my personal and professional life.
I would definitely recommend Lauren for recovering from chronic pain or even general life coaching.

Nicole [Western Australia]

Lauren has taught me things I never knew were even possible.

- long story short, I didn't know loving yourself was a thing. I knew that I had so much love to give, but everyday I would wake up and give that precious love away to every person I came across. Little did I know, I forgot about myself. Lauren taught me that loving yourself isn't walking around and thinking your better than everyone, but it's accepting and approving of every single thing you do, the good and what you believe as the bad.

I am now seeing that loving my whole self works wonders in every aspect of my life. 
This is not something that happens over night, but something I will continue to work on every day! 
I am so so grateful that Lauren has showed me the power I have and the tools I need to be the best version of myself. 

Thank you for sharing you're knowledge and wisdom with me. 
Our journey is something I will cherish with all my heart, for the rest of my life

Adam [America]

Lauren has been extremely helpful and compassionate when giving encouragement with mental blocks. She has provided great perspective and been a beacon of hope when I was struggling to see the light

Lara [Western Australia]

I wasn't entirely sure how an empowerment coach could help me but the best thing I did was pick up the phone and speak with her. I was stuck with something in my life but she showed me how I had the brain tools to work through it. Also knowing that I now have Lauren in my life as a means of support provides an overwhelming reassurance that I can work through unfamiliar challenges. Sometimes just by knowing she's at the end of phone call, email or text message means more often than not I can work through it all by myself! 


Lauren helped me to find myself again. Never have I been so motivated and clear about what I'm doing in my life. I finally have clear goals and I'm truly confident I will accomplish them.


I followed the coaching program, the goal setting program and also did the past life regression to top it off! I would recommend doing this to everyone.

Olivia [Western Australia]

I cannot thank Lauren enough for the major role she has played in dramatically changing my outlook on life. She has given me an important understanding of the power of my mind and thoughts which in turn has helped me both heal and grow massively as a person. She is genuinely one of the most kind hearted, influential people in my life.

Each and every session with Lauren I left feeling empowered, energised and for the first time in a while, optimistic about overcoming a difficult period of my life.
I’m eternally grateful for everything I was able to learn from knowing Lauren and what I was able to achieve in such a short amount of time, I truly couldn’t recommend her more.

Ivana [Western Australia]

I am 22 years old and have been struggling with self-doubt. My sister suggested trying Lauren's Timeline Therapy session to help me; and wow what a freeing experience! Lauren is the sweetest soul. She made me feel instantly at ease. Lauren helped me to let go of emotions and events I didn't even know I had trapped in me. I feel so light and content. She helped me realise that I was loving myself conditionally rather than unconditionally. Knowing this I am now aware of these thought patterns and am working on embracing myself and the journey of life completely. I already feel more sure of who I am and who I want to be. I would highly recommend Lauren's services to anyone that is 100% willing to let go of past hurts and negative emotions.  Even though it's a little scary to open up, it's totally worth it! A really enjoyable session. Thank you so much Lauren!!

Melody [Western Australia]

In a nutshell, I had reached a point in my life where I was angry and uninterested.  At my life in general and at myself.  I was completely exhausted and emotional.  I was unhappy, so, so unhappy and I had zero confidence.  I didn't want to see people and I couldn't stand the sight of myself.  I also had so much going on in my life and was very overwhelmed with it all.


By chance I opened up, just a tiny bit, and chatted to someone, something I wouldn’t have usually done, but it was just a natural progression in a conversation we were having.  This person had just met Lauren at a networking event the weekend before and sent me a link to ‘shapeyourreality’, as they thought Lauren might be able to help me.  I was hugely sceptical, just because, but it was the testimonials that initially convinced me to make contact with Lauren.  I almost backed out on the day we first caught up, but I forced myself to walk into the Dome.  That was the hardest thing though – as from the moment I met Lauren I was at ease. The first thing I noticed was how Lauren’s confidence shined brightly.  I almost immediately thought to myself, “this lady is awesome - I want confidence like hers”.  Lauren made me feel at ease when talking about some really deep things.  She is understanding and sympathetic and never puts you down.  There is zero judgement.  Rather, she will help you let go of the emotions and triggers you carry, so that you’re still able to reflect on things in your past without feeling anything negative in the present moment. 


Lauren helped me identify and deal with the causes of the issues in my life and we then dealt with moving forward.  I learnt that moving forward doesn’t mean invalidating the past. I learnt how to let myself love myself. I learnt how to set boundaries and goals.  I learnt how to handle myself better in difficult situations.  I learnt that I was strong and worthy and deserving. Most importantly, I learnt that it starts with me and no matter what happens in my life from here on out, it will always start with me.  Re-starting, changing direction and setting new and different goals will happen as I change in my life and this is ok.  These will always start with me and I am strong enough.


The thing that sets Lauren apart is not just her desire to help, but her genuine desire to help you help yourself.  She is encouraging as you build yourself up.  There is a constant feeling of “you can do this” and “you’ve got this” and if you falter, you are never put down.  She will just help you through until you “have got yourself again”.


The change in me has been profound and I am so looking forward to what I know is going to be a great future.  


Thank you Lauren Xx”

Alizanne [Western Australia]

I have known Lauren for more than two years and witnessed her remarkable journey to healing herself. More recently Lauren has been a guide for me and has taught me a huge amount.

She has shown me how to listen to myself and the positive signs around me. She has given me tremendous insight into my self and approach to the world. She has played a huge role in enabling me to grow and learn, and feel I am making progress in my own life’s purpose. Lauren Parker helped me tremendously to understand myself and move through some of the limiting beliefs and wounds I was struggling with. Highly recommended! I look forward to continuing to work with Lauren.

Taylah [Western Australia]

I came to Lauren and she asked if I could work on setting my goals- something I have always struggled with. We started small by identifying what was stopping me from achieving my goals that I had previously set for myself & identifying when I was in my unproductive state. After knowing this we sat together and figured out how to get out of this state and worked together to create some new goals that aligned with my values.I did not expect to get so much out of one hour of her time. Lauren, your energy is contagious and you have a very special gift of helping others shape their reality. You have helped me value myself so much more and my self confidence is growing by the day with all that is falling into place. Your help is so much appreciated! 

Luke [Western Australia]

Just wanted to give a special shoutout to this girl . A year ago she assisted me with a big decision and moment in my life and I still attribute so much of that feeling of freedom to you Lauren.
The advice and love you gave, every little bit of it – I always look back on and have never forgotten. Thankyou x

Kathryn [Western Australia]

What an absolutely incredible experience! I did the past life regression with Lauren and I have never felt anything like this before. All sorts of emotions crossed over me as i explored past lives, the feeling was surreal and has left me completely intrigued to search into those past lives just a little more.
Loved every moment of it, many thanks to you Lauren!





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