Health and Fitness Goals - How to achieve them.

Have you made a goal before about losing weight, going to the gym more, or getting a 6-pack?

Have you achieved it?

If not, let’s look at why.

To start with let’s look at your goals.

Ask yourself why do you want lose weight?

Why do you want to go to the gym more?

Why do you want a 6-pack?

Often we give up on our goals before we achieve them because we are not motivated enough. Do you really want to lose weight or do you just think you should. If the answer is you just think you should then you’re not going to do anything to lose it, because your care factor just isn’t high enough.

In order to achieve our goals we need to want to achieve them above most other things. Therefore they need to be a priority and aligned with our value system. When you ask yourself why do you want to lose weight, you might find the answer to be more confident. Why do you want to be more confident? To go out more and meet new people? Why do you want to meet new people? To find love? (we could keep breaking this down, but we will stop here).

The easy answer, decide your confident now.

Imagine a time when you were really confident, allow yourself to fully associated into that memory. Feel it, See yourself in it, hear what you heard in that moment. And let the confidence take over and GO OUT!

If that’s not enough, check to see if you have tied a limiting belief to confidence only occurring when you lose weight.

Let’s change that belief.

You can have confidence before losing weight. Say it to yourself, I am confident now. I am worthy now!

Confidence is a feeling within you that you can generate at any moment. It does not have to be some future achievement. Otherwise find someone (for example an empowerment coach or a personal trainer) who can help you with your confidence.

What you may find though is you want to lose weight so clothes fit you better.

Okay perfect so you do REALLY want to lose weight.

First ask yourself, what have you tried in the past to achieve this goal? Why have those things not worked? By the end you should be left with a list of things you know are not going to work for you and have a really good idea of what will work for you.

The next step is to take ACTION.

Begin to implement the things you know will work well. Stop doing the things that don’t.

If you find taking action to be the hard part ask yourself if you have any blocks or fears about achieving your goal. Explore those. Mirror work is great here.

If you still have trouble taking action, go back and again make sure your goal is aligned with what you actually want to achieve. (It may be a good idea to go back and read my blog on values and goals).

When taking action, some common excuses are likely to come up.

  • I don’t have time

  • It is too expensive

  • I just can’t lose weight

I used the word excuses purposely. These are JUST excuses. Literally they are just words. They carry no real meaning other then that you don’t really want to achieve your goal.

If you roll your eyes here and think I just don’t understand. It is important to identify where your locus of control is. If the above are your excuses then it is likely you are at EFFECT of life, rather than CAUSE . Aka life is happening to you, as opposed to working with you.

What you are really saying is this goal is not my priority.

And that is totally okay, but own it. Be accountable. Don’t blame it on anything else.

When something is your priority you will always have the time, the money and the ability. It may take some effort, but you will achieve it.

It may be that it is time to write out a list of your priorities and order them from least to most important. In this list you may see that weight loss is actually last, if this is the case and you really want to lose weight. Rearrange your priority list, bring it closer to the top. Place this list somewhere you can see it to remind yourself of what you want.

For those of you who want assistance to do this and for someone to show you how to remove your limiting beliefs once and for all. Book in a session through the contact tab or email As always sessions can be conducted via skype or in person.

If you mention this blog post you will receive 10% off the session cost.

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