Being and Becoming

How many of you have been so focused on your end goal that you don’t see what you already are?

When we decide our career paths, as human beings, we have this habit of getting so caught up in obtaining the required qualifications we forget to enjoy the ride.

How many of you have wished high school away, wished your time at university/tafe to be over, or your graduate year/apprenticeship or internship?

Ever caught yourself saying "I just have to make it through one more year and then I will be happy"

The problem with that is we are always going to want more, and this mean we are always going to be BECOMING something. You are never going to be done. You are going to get through your high school exams and BECOME a high school graduate

Next your focus is going to change to getting through your university degree/tafe qualifications and to BECOME a worker.

Then your aims are going to be set higher, you are going to want to BECOME someone with more influence in your chosen field

You are going to want to BECOME the boss

You are going to want to BECOME a Mother or Father

A better friend or lover.

Becoming is great, we all need to have goals, but what is more important is the moments in between, the being: or as Miley Cyrus puts it "it's all about the climb"

It is the being that gives you the experience for the big goals. It is so important not to get so focused on that end goal that you no longer see that every day matters.

That every day, by being who you are, your end goal is being achieved.

Here is an example for you;

I have wanted to help people for as long as I can remember. That’s why (as strange as it may seem to some) I became an economist; it is also why I enrolled in a number of training courses to develop a coaching business.

I want to help people, I want to empower them. I want them to see they have the power to shape any reality that they want and that nothing is standing in their way but them. I would stress over how I would do this, I would get anxiety over not “pursuing it’, I would interview person after person to get ideas of how I could best create a structure to help people. And then I had my birthday, I received cards and messages from loved ones telling me about the changes I had made in their lives. The perspective I had shared, the hope I had provided and the support I had given.

It was such a humbling moment for me to realise I am already BEING who I want to be, but because of my narrow focus of having to become I missed this important fact.

I don’t need an extensive client list, a number one book or a pretty office to achieve my goal. My goal is being achieved every day.

By being, I am in fact already becoming.

Take a moment to look at yourself right now.

Take note of how all that you are already achieving.

Start to be a little kinder on yourself.

Your goal will be shaped by these in-between moments.

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