February 4, 2017

Have you ever called someone dumb?

Or been called dumb yourself?


Bullying is never okay, but this one really gets to me, because it is not accurate in the slightest.

Who decided what the bench mark for intelligence was?


We are all intelligent in our own specific ways. Some children are book smart and learn very well in our current educational system, others were not born to sit down all day and have someone talk at them. They were born to be physical, to get out there and do.


Sadly, often, rather than change our teaching styles to suit a child's learning style, we teach children that failing tests means that they are not intelligent and are poor learners. It is not just words that do this, it is also actions.


This causes a child to stop trying. They do this to save face and allow themselves the excuse that they didn’t do well because they didn’t try. This allows the child to avoid disappointment and embarrassment.


As a person that did well in a traditional school setting I was labelled as intelligent, a label that I was happy to wear, but as I got older I realised how misleading that was. I was not any more intelligent than anyone else. Sure I knew a lot of things that others didn’t know, but they also knew a lot of things I didn’t know.


A bricklayer has a plethora of knowledge that I likely will never understand.

A hairdresser has a plethora of knowledge that I likely will never understand.

A dentist has a plethora of knowledge that I likely will never understand.

A town planner has a plethora of knowledge that I likely will never understand.

I have a whole plethora of knowledge that many people may never understand.


Does that make any one of us less intelligent?


No, it means we all have different interests, different learning styles, and different passions.

If we didn’t our world would not work, we would not have the multitude of different professions we see today.


So next time you go to call someone dumb, pause for a moment...

they just have a different set of skills than you.


And if you are someone that gets called dumb, don’t let that define you.

You are proficient in what you choose to be proficient in. No one should ever make you feel less then based on what you know and what you don’t.


If they do, it is more a reflection of their own fears and insecurities than it is about you.

People, who are in secure in themselves, will never feel the need  to bring other people down.

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