You would think that after all this time the world would have mastered the steps to happiness and everyone would be living in bliss right?

What if I told you that there were no steps to happiness.

Happiness is in fact every humans default state. When we allow our mind to become calm and clear we return to happiness. What keeps us from this blissful state is nothing but our own thoughts. Namely anxiety, fear and comparing ourselves to others.

In order to have happiness we need to learn to see the beauty in the small things, the small moments. Happiness is not something you will suddenly obtain when you have that dream house or dream car, it is in the little every day moments.

You will feel empty when you reach those important milestones if you have not allowed yourself to enjoy the ride. What this sets up is a cycle of always wanting (see my blog post about being and becoming), when we always want, we are always chasing.

Happiness does not have to be hard to achieve. Each and every one of us can have it today if we choose it. Walk outside and feel the sun on your skin, or if its raining let the rain drops fall on you. Notice how it feels, take in the beauty surrounding you, notice what you hear, smell, see and feel.

When we stop and allow ourselves to live in the present moment, anxiety and fear stop. We are no longer controlled by where we will be in 10 years time, or all the possible bad things that may happen to us. We just are.

Practice living in the moment daily.

The more you practice bringing your focus to the now, the easier it becomes, the happier you will begin to feel.

The biggest recommendation I can make in coming back to happiness, is to not overload yourself with too many things to do. When you overload yourself, you find yourself constantly running from event to event. When you are constantly running, you are not allowing yourself to be fully present in the moment.

If you are really struggling with the ability to focus on the Now. Please take 5 minutes out of your day to do this simple task.

Sit or stand somewhere where you are comfortable. Place two fingers in front of your face in line with your nose. Slowly bring these fingers out to the sides, each finger in a different direction, allow one eye to follow each finger. Keep moving these fingers until you get to the point where you can no longer see them. Now stay at this point for a while.

Notice how much more you can see.

Take in fully what is going on in the room around you. As you do this start to become aware of the noises in the room around you and how you feel.

If you ever feel overwhelmed do this.

You can do it subtly with just your eyes, as you expand your perception, you become calmer and more open. This is due to your narrow focus having expanded. As you expand your vision you cant help but notice the beautiful flowers growing on the side of the road, or the birds in the sky over head.

You all of a sudden start to see all these things you didn't notice when you were caught up inside your own head. This causes you to come back into the present moment, allowing you to fully connect with the now.

Remember fear, anxiety and limiting beliefs are only thoughts, created by you. They can be crippling thoughts yes, but still just thoughts. If they are thoughts created by you, this means they can also be changed by you too.

If you no longer want to be limited by your thoughts, start to change them. If this seems to be a difficult task, well that is what I am here for, contact me through my facebook page or email shapeyourreality@outlook.com

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